I’m off on a new writing venture, so to speak, with the release of these two books set in the fictional southern town of Blessings, Georgia.

COLOR ME BAD is a novella, and is the story of an incident that begins in a beauty shop in Blessings called THE CURL UP AND DYE. It’s a slice of ordinary life in small town America, and reflective of how most of the drama and gossip manages to funnel through that little shop. The four hairdressers in the stories are common to both books, and there are also continuing characters that will always be in all of them. Some of the events are laugh out loud funny, and some have a tinge of poignancy or a hint of drama, but always there is the sense of familiarity and unity that only a small town can have.

THE CURL UP AND DYE is a full-length book with a bigger story of a young woman who got lost along the way to adulthood. Popular in high school and everybody’s vision of the perfect beauty queen, her fairy tale life begins coming undone as she experiences first one tragedy, and then another, leaving her foothold to stability completely gone. One year fades into another and then another to the point of stagnation. It’s not until a new man comes to town that she is yanked both mentally and physically out of her rut. Just when she thinks she knows what she wants out of life and how to get it, she comes up against yet another roadblock, and this time, discovers that the man with the key to her heart has been living next door, all along.

COLOR ME BAD will be released as ebook only, and will be out early in September 2013.

THE CURL UP AND DYE will be available in both print and ebook, and out in February of 2014.

So don’t delay if you want in on the ground floor of this series.

Pre-order now.  The people of Blessings are waiting for you to come visit. You won’t be sorry you stopped by.