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Book List

BOOKS BY SHARON SALA (Books by Dinah McCall are noted as such) :

Serial NoBook NameYear
1Sarah’s Angel1991
2King’s Ransom 1992
3Honor’s Promise1992
4Always a Lady 1993
5Gentle Persuasion 1993
6Chance McCall 1993
7Diamond (Gambler’s Daughters Series) 1994
8Queen (Gambler’s Daughters Series) 1994
9Annie and the Outlaw 1994
10Lucky (Gambler’s Daughters Series) 1995
11The Miracle Man – (Hatfield Family Series)1995
12Deep In The Heart 1996
13When You Call My Name (Hatfield Family Series) 1996
14Second Chances1996
15Dreamcatcher (writing as Dinah McCall) 1996
16Jackson Rule (writing as Dinah McCall) 1996
17Shades of a Desperado 1997
18Finders Keepers 1997
19For Her Eyes Only 1997
20Ryder’s Wife (Justice Way Series) 1997
21Chase the Moon (writing as Dinah McCall)1997
22Tallchief (writing as Dinah McCall) 1997
23Sweet Baby 1998
24Roman’s Heart (Justice Way Series) 1998
25Legend (writing as Dinah McCall and Sharon Sala) 1998
26Reunion 1999
27Remember Me 1999
28A Place to Call Home 1999
29Touchstone (writing as Dinah McCall) 1999
30Royal’s Child (Justice Way Series) 1999
31Butterfly 2000
32The Return (writing as Dinah McCall)2000
33Missions: Irresistible (Loving Dangerously Series) 2000
34Familiar Stranger2001
35Believe 2001
36Familiar Stranger (Loving Dangerously Series) 2001
38Storm Warning (writing as Dinah McCall) 2001
39Dark Water 2002
40The Way to Yesterday 2002
41White Mountain (writing as Dinah McCall) 2002
42Reunion as Mossy Creek (Mossy Creek Hometown Series) 2002
43Out of the Dark 2003
44Amber by Night 2003
45The Perfect Lie (writing as Dinah McCall)2003
46On the Edge 2003
47Whippoorwill (Letty & Eurlis Series) 2003
48The Amen Trail (Letty & Eurlis Series)2004
49Missing 2004
50Mimosa Grove (writing as Dinah McCall)2004
51Rider on Fire 2005
52The Chosen 2005
53Bloodlines (writing as Dinah McCall)2005
54More Than Words Can Say: Vol. 2 2005
55The Survivors (writing as Dinah McCall)2006
56Nine Lives (Cat Dupree Series) 2006
57The Hen House (Letty & Eulis Series) 2007
58Cut Throat ( Cat Dupree Series) 2007
59Homecoming 2007
60More Than Words2008
61Bad Penny (Cat Dupree Series) 2008
62The Healer2008
63Aftershocks 2008
64The Warrior2009
65A Mother’s Heart 2009
66Blow Away (Storm Front Series) 2010
67Torn Apart ( Storm Front Series) 2010
68Deadlier Than the Male2010
69Swept Aside (Storm Front Series) 2010
70Blood Stains (Searchers Series) 2011
71Blood Ties (Searchers Series) 2011
72My Lunatic Life (Lunatic Life Series- eReader) 2011
73Blood Trails (Searchers Series)2011
74Lunatic Detective (Lunatic Life Series)2011
75A Field of Poppies 2012
76The Boarding House (eReader) 2012
77Lunatic Revenge (Lunatic Life Series)2012
78Next of Kin (Rebel Ridge Series) 2012
79Don’t Cry for Me (Rebel Ridge Series)2012
80Windwalker (Prophecy Series) 2012
81‘Til Death (Rebel Ridge Series)2013
82A Thousand Lie (eReader)2013
83Lunatic Time Two (Lunatic Life Series)2013
84Going Once (Forces of Nature Series)2013
85You and Only You (Blessings Series) 2014
86Sudden Danger2014
87Going Twice (Forces of Nature Series)2014
88Going Gone (Forces of Nature Series)2014
89The Dove (Writing as Dinah McCall) 2014
90Wild Hearts (Secrets & Lies Series)2015
91Cold Hearts (Secrets & Lies Series)2015
92Count Your Blessings (Blessings Series, Novella) 2015
93I’ll Stand By You (Blessings Series) 2015


Serial NoBook NameYear
94Homecoming (anthology as Dinah McCall – with Janet Dailey, Fern Michaels & Deborah Bedford) – “The Return of Walker Lee”1997
953,2,1…Married (anthology with Marie Ferrarella & Beverly Barton) – “Miracle Bride” 1999
96Labor of Love (anthology with Marie Ferrarella & Leanne Banks) – “Sympathy Pains” 2001
97Turning Point (anthology with Peggy Moreland & Paula Detmer Riggs) – “Sudden Danger”2002
98Going to the Chapel (anthology with Dixie Browning & Sella Bagwell) -“It Happened One Night”2002
99Reunion at Mossy Creek (anthology with Deborah Smith, Virginia Ellis, Nancy Knight, Sandra Chastain, Debra Dixon & Martha Shields)2003
100More Than Words, Vol. 2 (anthology with Debbie Macomber, Jassmine Barton & Julie Elizabeth Leto)2005
101Aftershock (anthology with Janis Reams Hudson & Debra Cowan) – “Penance”2008
102A Mother’s Heart (anthology with Isabel Sharpe & Linda Cardillo) – The Promise 2009
103Deadlier Than the Male (anthology with olleen Thompson) – “The Fiercest Heart” 2010
104On the Edge (anthology with Heather Graham & Carla Neggars) – “Capsized” 2011
105More Than Words (anthology with Susan Wiggs & Emile Richards) – “The Yellow Ribbon” 2012

Latest Releases

Serial NoBook NameYear
106The Gathering (writing as Dinah McCall) *published by Sharon Sala Books 2015
107Dark Hearts 2016
108Saving Jake – (Blessings series) 2016
109Family Sins 2016
110A Piece Of My Heart – (Blessings Series) 2017
111Race Against Time 2017
112Life of Lies2017
113Color of Love (Blessing Series)2018
114In Shadows2018
115Come Back to Me (Blessings Series) 2018
116Forever My Hero (Blessings Series)2019
117Dark Water Rising 2019
118Steering From The Backseat - (Nonfiction Inspirational)2019
119The Light Within Us - (Nonfiction Inspirational)2019