The Centennial Story

It was brought to my attention a few days ago that my one hundredth book has come and gone and I didn’t even know it. Even stranger, it wasn’t the momentous occasion I once thought it should be. Why? I suppose because my world has become so wrapped up in caring for family members in varying stages of illness and disease, that keeping track of something that has become commonplace, like my writing, fell a long ways down  on the ‘to do’ list of my life.

Writing is still my safe place to fall. It is still the place I go when the reality of my life becomes overwhelming. Telling the stories that live in my head and sharing them with people who love to read is a priceless gift and the best therapy ever, but never doubt for a moment that I don’t treasure the ability, because I do.

My first published book was Sara’s Angel, written under my name, Sharon Sala, and it came out in the fall of 1991.

My one hundredth book, Going Twice, also written as Sharon Sala, came out last fall.

Poor Going Twice.

It was the middle child of my Forces of Nature trilogy and we all know what kind of attention the middle child gets, so I feel bad that there was no party, or even any cake. I didn’t take a picture. I didn’t make a banner across my page or hold contests and give away copies to my fabulous readers. But… it wasn’t because of a lack of pride in the story. It was just the overwhelming reality of what I was living. The one hundredth book took a back seat to life.

I think acknowledgment a year late is better than none.

I want my readers to know how much I value their presence in my life and I am making a promise that if I make it to the two hundredth book, I will throw the biggest party ever and you’re all invited.

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  1. Sharon, I have been a fan of yours for years and love every book you have written. Congrats on the 100th book milestone even though I am late! I can’t wait to read the 200th book and go to the party!

  2. Over 100 books in just a few years is amazing! Especially while caring for LM and Scout and everyone else. You are Superwoman! Congratulations. <3

  3. Sharon… while I have read every book you’ve put out that I could get my hands on, I must admit, that Going Twice stole a part of my heart, I stayed up all night to finish reading it, of course that’s true of most of your books. I refused to read books 1 and 2 until the third came out, but of the three, This was my favorite. Don’t you worry, we’ll still be here, snatching your books off shelves, or adding them to kindles, when you reach 200, and 300, and so on.


  4. Ms. Sala,

    Not only more than a hundred books, but the ability of putting in writing such depth, such sensibility, such knowledge of human nature… I believe you still have in yourself another hundred, at least. It is not only a pleasure to read your books, but, really, a life experience, to be part of such a complex world, from the moment of opening one of the volumes, until closing, after the last page. Congratulations and THANK YOU!
    Have a healthy and happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May your mama feel the blessing of having such loving care surrounding her.

    • Adela, thank you so much. It has been a busy month. I really appreciate that you took the time to write to me. Have a Happy New Year!


  5. Just a note to say how much I Love your writing. Congrats on the 100TH book. I’ve been reading your stories for several years. Not only are they an excellent read but they often help me to cope with some of life’s challenges.

    My older sister just read her first Dinah McCall book yesterday. She’s 65. She couldn’t wait to call me and tell me that once she started reading she couldn’t put it down. Read the book in one day and can’t wait to get her hands on the next one. She should have taken my advice much sooner. LOL

    Thank you for following your dream. I can’t imagine my life without your stories to uplift and encourage.

    Wishing you and your family love, happiness, and great health in 2015.


    • Janet, many thanks for the kind words. I’m thrilled your sister likes my stories, too. A happy new year to you and yours.


  6. Sharon, I have been reading your books for several years and enjoyed everyone. Just finished Family Sins. Couldn’t put it down and was sad when I finished it. Always looking for a new book or one I might have missed.
    Keep them coming.

  7. I’m delighted to find this thread! My mother is an avid Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall reader and she was wondering when the next book in “The Prophesy Series” would be released. She’s read everything she could get her hands on by you and she loves your writing! Thanks for hours of entertainment!

    • If I had not had so many health issues last year it would have already been out, Charlotte. After a hip replacement I’m back to my old self but still playing catch-up. I’m hoping to get that out some time this fall. Since that series in one of my few self-published, it winds up being one set aside when I get in a bind with my contracted work. 🙂

      • Thanks so much for your reply and I’m very glad you are on the mend. Unfortunately, the release will be too late for my mother; she passed away last month. Know that your writing brought her hours and hours of pleasure.

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