Winter has been brutal all over the country this year; the worst in my lifetime that I can remember. When everyone else was getting the -15 below weather and heaps of snow, we here in Oklahoma had the same temperature with freezing rain. By the time that storm phase passed, it had left over an inch of ice on every above-ground power line in the state. Power went out and the weather stayed cold so the ice couldn’t melt. You couldn’t drive a car; even with four-wheel drive, and you couldn’t stand up if you had to go outside. It was miserable.

It took over three days for our power to come back on, and even longer for everything to warm up. In that time I’d burned up every stick of wood I had left in the fireplace. It was, without doubt, the most trying 3 days of my life because my poor little mother, who is a week away from 94 years old and has dementia, couldn’t stay in her room. She wanted to. It’s her world and where she feels safe, but it was too cold.

So I moved her into the living room near the fire. She had a warm blanket over her legs, and a book to read and food to eat. She kept asking me to take her home. It was confusing for her and sad for me. We’re still trying to come out of those winter blues.

But there are good things on my horizon. I have new books on the horizon.

GOING TWICE, which is the second book in my Forces of Nature trilogy is out in print and will be out in ebook on February 1st. THE CURL UP AND DYE, which is my first southern women’s fiction with Sourcebooks, will be out February 4th. I love both of these books, but The Curl Up and Dye was a great chance of writing pace for me.

THE DOVE, which is the second book in my Prophecy series following WINDWALKER, which began the Native American paranormal romance trilogy, will be out around the first couple of weeks of March.

Check them out and let me know what you think when you’ve finished reading them. They are a sure cure for the cold winter blues.


  1. Hi Sharon
    I love your books and was wondering if the Prophecy series is going to be available for Kobo? Thanks for many enjoyable reading hours.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    We’ve had the coldest winter in years in New Brunswick, (though as a Canadian I am snickering a little about the 2″ of snow in Atlanta). I have been re-reading all of your books while waiting for the February books, but I will have to order your prophecy series from the US, as we can’t get it here.
    I know just how it is with your Mom, I looked after my Mom-in-law last year, and read your books aloud to her, as she could no longer concentrate to read. She also loved chocolate, and loved the thought that she might be putting one over on my sister in law Sue. (Even though she could have anything we could give her.) Give your Mom a kiss for me, and tell her to give it to Doreen when she gets to heaven. She’ll probably find her reading one of your books.

    • Bless your heart, Monique. This winter has been brutal here, but nothing to what you have endured. I won’t be sorry to see winter go this year, for sure.
      Sweet story about your MIL… thank you for the kind words.


  3. loved the forces of nature series. when can we look for book 3. These were my first series of yours I have read. now I am going back to read more of your books thanks

    • Chris, thanks. I’m not sure about the release of the last book but I’m guessing about Oct. or Nov. of this year. I’ll find out and post it soon.
      thanks so much.


  4. Just finished both Going Once and Going Twice, when is the third one coming, so I can put it on my calendar to look for it? Love all your books, both as Dinah McCall and Sharon Sala……… all,..I think….

  5. What about the new series starting in March? You have the first three then the next 3 is being written by another author and so on. How many books are there going to be for this series?

    • Deidre… here’s the deal, honey. That’s not a new series. That is a very old contemporary romance book that they have chopped up into three parts and are presenting them in that format digitally. AND… it was one book in a 12 book series back in the day and each book was written by a different author, but they all tied one great big story together. It was hard to write and coordinate with ll other writers. LOL Anyway… my three ‘books’ are actually one book in three parts, and I’m sure that’s how the others are, as well.

  6. Just finished Going Twice and was great as your books always are. I have pre-ordered Going Gone, don’t want to miss one. The Curl Up & Dye came in the mail today. I always order yours in book form so I can keep them on my bookshelf to re-read. I saw the 36 Hours listing and thought great another series, but then looked on my shelf and saw “For Her Eyes Only”, that’s an oldie but a goody. I will start The Curl Up & Dye tonight, can’t wait.

  7. I just finished, Thousand Lies. It is 0348 and I can’t believe it is finished. Please tell me there will be more in store for these characters soon. Thanks marci

    • Marci, At this time, I have no desire to get back into that world. Their lives were soooo terrible and now they are calm. I would like to think of them living in perfect peace, but I love that you fell into their world, as I did, with such perfect symmetry.


  8. Just finished The Curl Up and Dye. Loved it! It was a real departure from your other books, but I can’t wait for book 2. When will it be published?

    I’m also anxious for the third of the stormchaser series to be released.

    • Teresa, Yes, the Curl Up and Dye is a different genre. I write in about five different genres under two names, Sharon Sala and Dinah McCall. The Curl Up and Dye is southern women’s fiction with a little romance and published by Sourcebooks. The second book is written. It’s called I’LL STAND BY YOU. Not sure of release date but most likely early part of 2015. The last Stormchaser book, GOING GONE, will be out October 1st.

  9. Sharon, I just finished call my name…Glory and Wyatt

    The book also has Lane and Tory Monday, I get the impression they were in an earlier book, but I haven’t found it as yet. Were they? If so, the title please.

    I enjoyed your book…look forward to reading all the books you have written. Consider me a new fan.


    • Sherryl, Yes there is one book before it with connected characters. It’s called The Miracle Man. I’m so glad you enjoyed the other book.


  10. Sharon, just want to say I loovvee all your books!! I’ve really enjoyed both of the Windwalker books (I’ve often wondered how the “Americs” would have evolved, had the Native American peoples progressed naturally without intereference from other nations). I eagerly await the release of the third book. Do you have any timeline on the release date?

    • Yay that you are enjoying the Windwalker stories. I am about halfway finished with the last book but I’m also in the midst of packing to move, closing on the sale of mine and the purchase of my new place on May 11. I hope to have it ready for sale early fall.


  11. Just read that you are 1/2 way through book three of The Windwalker books. Fantastic! I am so looking forward the the next step in this series. Please keep up the great work.

    • Yes, and I also just moved so everything writing related has come to a brief halt. LOL I will resume shortly. I, too, am looking forward to telling the end of this trilogy.

      thanks for reading my stories,

  12. Pingback: Review: I’ll Stand By You by Sharon Sala

    • Read the review. I’ll give you a C+. LOLOL No, seriously… with regard to a couple of your comments. I don’t do themes. I am not a genre writer. I am a storyteller. That’s why I write in more than one genre and for more than one publisher, and also self pub books… so I can tell stories my way. I appreciate you taking the time to read it. If you don’t like that kinder, gentler world of Blessings… then you might possibly want to shy away from the stories in Blessings. That’s how they are all going to be. If you like to read about suspense/murder/etc… with some romance thrown in, I suggest you might appreciate the books I do for MIRA. I kill people in those books. It’s better therapy that a psychiatrist. 🙂 If you prefer straight fiction, you might want to read a book I wrote called THE BOARDING HOUSE, published by BelleBooks, a small press publisher out of Georgia. I’ve done a young adult series for them, as well, called The Lunatic Life series…and there’s my self-published work, all of which are straight fiction. A Field of Poppies… A Thousand Lies… and a paranormal Native American trilogy I’m writing under my pen name, Dinah McCall. Windwalker and The Dove are already out. I’m working on the last book.

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