I have much to be thankful for, and my readers are a great part of that. For twenty-two years you have read with me, laughed with me, cried with me through the pages of my books. There are well over ninety of them now and for one reason or another, I have a special memory attached to almost every one.

Annie and The Outlaw reminds me of Stephie Walker, the bookseller I knew so many years ago who was fighting the same battle that Annie was in the story. I had no idea when I wrote that book how personal it would become to Stephie, or how I would travel the road with her through the brain tumor that ultimately took her life. I am so thankful that story helped her find the courage to face her fate.

Out of The Dark became the story that helped one young woman I met finally tell her family about the sexual abuse she’d suffered as a child. I didn’t write it for that reason, or maybe I did and just didn’t know it. I’m always led to tell stories because they talk to me. I am so thankful that lady now walks without the burden of her past. The Boarding House was another such story and I knew it would dig the scabs off of old wounds, but sometimes that’s what it takes for something to heal.

Jackson Rule is probably the most requested and talked about book in my backlist. A good many of my readers still claim it to be their favorite, but for me, it’s linked to an award I won because of it. It was the $10,000 Janet Dailey award, given for the best romance of that year dealing with a pertinent social issue. Because of the money I won from that award, it afforded me the opportunity to begin a scholarship at my high school alma mater, given to a graduating senior in my sister’s name. So, because of Jackson Rule, I have been giving the $1,000.00, Diane Lynn Thompson scholarship, every year since 1997.

The Survivors, written under my pen name, Dinah McCall, was written during the time when I was losing the love of my life to cancer. As I wrote a book about people living through a traumatic event in their lives, he was dying. The dedication in that book has become the one most talked about by all my readers, and in an odd and unexpected way, it has kept the memory of my sweet Bobby alive, not only in my heart, but in the hearts of many, and for that I am truly thankful.


14 thoughts on “GIVING THANKS

  1. I think I have read every book that You have written, to include your Pen name Dinah McCall. Every book you write has touched me or someone close to me. So I give thanks to Your dreams, to Your Bobby who inadvertly gave You more strength then You thought even possible for Yourself.
    Every book you listed are favorites of mine. There are so many, but You know why. So I am Thankful for such a good friend and writer who listens to her dreams and gives me an apt of great meaning.

    • Windsong, You, my dear friend, are a gift, not only to me, but to so many others. My talent in this world is telling stories and ‘remembering’ the things that should not be forgotten. You know the things that matter in the world and share them daily without reserve. I honor you and I admire you. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


    • J.D., many thanks for taking the time to let me know. I understand the connection readers have had with Jackson Rule throughout the years and love that his story was memorable to them as it is to me.


  2. Your books touch so many lives! I haven’t read all of your books, but I’m working on that! Life throws some ugly things in your path. I had lost contact with my mom and dad because of family quarrels. I lost both of them this year, but didn’t find out till afterwards. My dad was never around much and my mom was my best friend several years ago. My husbands family took me under their wing and loved me like their own. I have made peace with mom. I was talking to her in heaven and while looking towards the sky, a white dove flew over. I hope it was from mom. I miss her so much, but the choice was hers. I will see her again someday I’m sure.
    I loved Boarding House. All I can say is wow! My favorite books are Going Once and Don’t Cry For Me. I have enjoyed meeting you and LM. I look forward to your day stories. Even though things are getting harder for you to handle, you haven’t given up. So many do. I hope you and LM have a Happy Thanksgiving with the family! A god bless you, for you are an Angel.

  3. I’ve read all the above except Annie and the Outlaw. Now I have to go on a search to find a copy. I really liked Jackson Rule but my favorites are still probably The Healer and When You Call My Name. Still, I honestly can say I haven’t read any of your books that I haven’t read at least twice. That’s my benchmark for a good book.

    • Dennis, thank you SO much. It’s a gift to me when readers ‘connect’ with my stories and I appreciate that you always take the time to let me know.
      wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Hi, have read a number of your books. When browsing amazon read sample of dont cry for me. Loved it and recommended local elibrary buy which they did. Read it and cried. Loved it so much bought my own ecopy. Read from elibrary book 3 which I also loved and will in time add to my own ebookshelf.
    Will there be a book 4? Rebel ridge series is outstanding and you write a series in what I call the proper manner ie each book is a story but they all interconnect.
    Have going once on my ebookshelf and will read soon.
    Reading blog, you mention dinah mccall resurrected 2012 for one book but cant find title?
    All the best and keep writing books in ilk of those I mentioned above.

    • Jay, sorry this took so long to answer. I’ve had to switch email carriers. ah the woes of the digital age. LOL
      No book 4 for the Rebel Ridge series. It ended with Til Death. I’m really glad you enjoyed them.
      The Dinah McCall stories that are new are a Native American paranormal trilogy called The Prophecy series. book 1, which is WINDWALKER is out now. book 2 is written and at the editor. Should be out within five or six weeks. It’s called THE DOVE. The last book will be called THE GATHERING and is not yet written.


  5. Annie and the Outlaw is a book I found in a local used book store. The book touched me so much I cry everytime I read it. I have been buying your books ever since. I also really loved The Warrior. Its so great how you connect with your readers with Twitter Facebook and this Blog. I also like your post about Little mother and whatever is going on in your world. God Bless you Sharon

    • Robin, thank you sooo much. I loved Annie and I’m so glad her story is one of your favorites.
      Little Mama and I are managing. Times are becoming more difficult now that her dementia delusions have increased, but such is life.


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