I’m off on a new writing venture, so to speak, with the release of these two books set in the fictional southern town of Blessings, Georgia.

COLOR ME BAD is a novella, and is the story of an incident that begins in a beauty shop in Blessings called THE CURL UP AND DYE. It’s a slice of ordinary life in small town America, and reflective of how most of the drama and gossip manages to funnel through that little shop. The four hairdressers in the stories are common to both books, and there are also continuing characters that will always be in all of them. Some of the events are laugh out loud funny, and some have a tinge of poignancy or a hint of drama, but always there is the sense of familiarity and unity that only a small town can have.

THE CURL UP AND DYE is a full-length book with a bigger story of a young woman who got lost along the way to adulthood. Popular in high school and everybody’s vision of the perfect beauty queen, her fairy tale life begins coming undone as she experiences first one tragedy, and then another, leaving her foothold to stability completely gone. One year fades into another and then another to the point of stagnation. It’s not until a new man comes to town that she is yanked both mentally and physically out of her rut. Just when she thinks she knows what she wants out of life and how to get it, she comes up against yet another roadblock, and this time, discovers that the man with the key to her heart has been living next door, all along.

COLOR ME BAD will be released as ebook only, and will be out early in September 2013.

THE CURL UP AND DYE will be available in both print and ebook, and out in February of 2014.

So don’t delay if you want in on the ground floor of this series.

Pre-order now.  The people of Blessings are waiting for you to come visit. You won’t be sorry you stopped by.

24 thoughts on “COLOR ME BAD And THE CURL UP AND DYE

  1. Sharon, I went to pre-order Color Me Bad and discovered I had already done so. Memory like a sieve, but fortunately Amazon keeps better track than I do. Looking forward to both stories.

    • Kay, that cracks me up. Sounds like something I would do. I think you will enjoy the stories. I loved writing them.

  2. I enjoy your books so much!! I buy books for my Nook on the 1st of every month (budgeted) and your newest books is always first on the list. I have every one of your books that I can find – they are keepers! Thanks and many blessings.


  3. Hey Sharon it’s always a pleasure to read everything you write, even it about ‘little mama’ your thoughts/writing have sooooo much depth, that even after you’re done reading you are still left wanting for more. You are truly blessed, continue your journey touching/encouraging lives and hearts with your gift. ps can’t wait for ‘Going Twice’.

    Adrianne :)be blessed

    • Adrian, I so appreciate that you took the time to write. Thank you for reading me and even more, I am happy that you “get” my stories.


  4. Hi! I absolutely love the Blessings, Georgia books! I’ve been looking for an e-copy of “Color Me Bad” and Amazon brings up “Count Your Blessings”. Are they the same? If not, how can I download a copy of “Color Me Bad” to my Kindle? You’ve captured the personalities of people from my mom’s hometown and made their characters my friends. I’ve only lately come to your fanclub, but I’m there in the crowd with a big grin on my face, cheering you on! God bless you and all those you hold dear!

    • many thanks, Shannon. Yes, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS is the same as COLOR ME BAD. The publisher got a wild notion to recover and retitle it. Causing much confusion among readers but they are happier and so I guess I am, too. LOL I love that you recognize that little town and the people. I adore telling those stories. Thanks for writing.


  5. Once again I love the books! Will there be more the this series Blessing? Looking forward to more to this series.
    Thank you

    • Yes, Nancy there will be more. I just signed a contract for the 3rd full length. should be out some time next year. title is SAVING JAKE
      I’m thrilled you are enjoying the stories.

  6. ordered your books from amazon…Curl up & Dye and You and only you….was very surprised that they are the very same book with a different title…..did enjoy reading the first one but was very surprised that the 2nd book was the same thing…..was this a mistake at the publisher? would love to order more books but kinda leary of getting what I have already read…..looking forward to new books in the future…..

    • Linda, huge apologies to you. In their infinite wisdom the publisher decided to retitle and put new covers on the first two books in my Blessings stories. There is a novella that WAS called Color Me Bad (it’s still free on in Kindle only) that began the series. Now it’s called COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Then the first book, CURL UP AND DYE, was retitled to YOU AND ONLY YOU. That’s the ONLY thing they did in the series. Please return one for full price from Amazon. They will take it and give you credit. Also.. the next books after YOU AND ONLY YOU in order are, I’LL STAND BY YOU and SAVING JAKE. A RACE AGAINST TIME comes out May 1 of this year.


      • Linda… I gave you a wrong title in the Blessings series. LOL A RACE AGAINST TIME is my next Romantic Suspense from Mira Books. LOL The next book in the Blessings series is A PIECE OF MY HEART and IT comes out May 1st.

    • Yes, they sure can, Deborah… Each book is a stand-alone story. There are always continuing characters from Blessings in every book, but each story is about someone differentl.

  7. Hi Sharon, I am reading your Blessings series, (love it) and I keep remembering a book about Granny’s Kitchen got started by Lovey, but can’t remember the name of the book. Is this one of yours or am I remembering wrong.

    • There’s not a separate book about Granny’s kitchen. It’s just part of the first book in the series which is You and Only You. And.. Lovey is Ruby’s best friend and they are in every book in some way or another, and so is Granny’s kitchen. It’s where most of them go to eat in Blessings.

      thanks for writing. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. A new one comes out May 2nd called A PIECE OF MY HEART. <3

    • Ruth, No, there isn’t a story for Hope. There’s not much need. Her life was much easier than Mercy’s and we just meet her at the same time Mercy does…and the relationship goes from there. The next book after A Piece Of My Heart is called The Color Of Love… it is finally Ruby’s story.

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