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Isn’t this new website beautiful?  It’s a very personal reflection of both Sharon Sala and Dinah McCall and I hope you enjoy it in the days to come.  Sharon’s stories are usually romantic suspense, or straight fiction.  Dinah’s stories are the ones with Native American characters and a paranormal storyline.  Dinah’s stories honor my Native American ancestors.  Both of my daddy’s grandmothers were part Native American.  One was a three-quarter blood Cherokee and the other one part Cree.  The Native blood is very thin in my veins, but my heart and soul completely belong to the culture and to The People.

Most of you who know me and have been reading me for years might have heard this before, but for those of you who might wonder why I would do something so random and choose to have wolves on the page, let me share my story.

When I first started to school, my family lived way out in the country in a little rent house down on the river. It was a half mile from the house to the road where I walked to catch the bus.  The old dirt road was bounded on one side by a pasture and on the other side by a heavily wooded hillside that ran parallel to the road.  Laddie, a big yellow dog not unlike the Old Yeller dog from the movie, walked with me every day to catch the bus, and he was there waiting for me when I came home every evening.

Then one morning when the days were beginning to get colder and the air was still heavy with morning mist and frosty leaves, a big wolf appeared on the hill. It never threatened, it never made a sound.  But as we moved toward the bus stop, it began to follow me, staying high up in the tree line while we walked down on the road, pacing our every step.  Laddie knew it was there because the hair on the back of his neck would raise and he would growl all low in his throat.  But the wolf never threatened, and for some reason I wasn’t afraid.  It was just there.  This went on every day all the way to winter, and then one day it was gone.  I never told anyone and eventually forgot about it until one day I was telling the story in the midst of some Native American friends of mine.  An old man who’d been listening suddenly grabbed my arm and got all excited.  He told me that meant that the wolf was my totem, and that by appearing to me as it had, meant I had been marked for great purpose, and that I should pay attention to the opportunities that would come before me in my life.

I remember this every time I begin a new story, and when I get letters from readers who tell me that the stories in my books have helped them through some of their darkest times.  This is how I know I’m doing what I was chosen to do.  This is how I know I’m on the right path.  Wolves mate for life.  They are loyal to the pack and their family.  It is a good way to live.

So now when you see the wolves, remember a little girl beginning her journey into adulthood by walking a dirt path to catch a bus, and then look now at how far that path took her – all the way here to you!

19 thoughts on “Following My Path

  1. I love the new website! I am also part Cherokee Indian my great grandfather was full blooded! I love to read your post on FB and look forward to it daily! Now I can enjoy your website and blog as well! Have a wonderful day and tell little momma she is well loved also.

    • Debbie, I’m so glad you like it. You know about my sister Diane, right? and that she passed away a long time ago? So Dinah was the family nickname for her. I chose it as a way of taking me with her on my writing journey. And McCall, only because there were no other McCalls writing romance at the time and because books are shelved alphabetically on shelves and the letter M is usually right at eye level. LOLOL It’s all about marketing.

  2. Sharon,
    I love the new website and can’t wait for the new books. We have Cherokee in our bloodline and also a few others. I have not traced all the Native American lines in our family tree but have been in the process. It takes longer when you are trying to do it for free. I always remember stories of my Aunt Dollie and the wolf that would show up in her dreams as teen and give her rides on his back as they would go around the world. Her sisters would tease her about it but she would just smile. So many that know the family stories are gone now. I am doing the family tree and gathering stories and putting them on discs for my nieces, nephews and cousins. We lose more family members every year and I want to get it sown for those that are interested.
    Anyway wanted to let you know I LOVE your new website. See you on facebook my friend.

    • Thank you, Dinah, I think of you all the time, wondering if you are any closer to getting your life back in gear. I can’t imagine anything more frustrating.

      I love that your Aunt Dollie had a wolf who led her through her dreams. That’s VERY Indian. Her spirit was on those walks. Mother did our family history for years. Genealogy was her hobby. We have amazing stories now thanks to her and a cousin who worked on all the stuff together.


  3. Hi Sharon – I visited your new website out of curiosity b/c some of my writer friends are updating theirs. I came. I saw. I stayed. I love the pic. The scene, the wolf are so evokotive. Your storytelling is simply wonderful even when relating a little incident from your childhood. I remember fondly your visits to the RWA Houston group when we met several times. I see you on Facebook – I try to log on every day, but man, when are we supposed to write? Anyway, just wanted to compliment the site. You did good!

    • Thank you, Linda!! I sure did love coming to the Houston RWA group. Lots of great people there. AND, Jo Anne Banker is a really dear friend of mine, so I have that association, as well.
      Kim Killion did my website and I just love it.

      thanks for stopping by,

  4. Love the new website and I never get tired of hearing about a little girl who had her Wolf for winter story.

  5. Yes, your website is wonder. And what a wonderful story about your totem. Wolves are very special. Are you going to re-release the book Chance McCall? At least I think it was titled that. I really enjoyed that book and wonder if it’s coming out again.

    Talk to you soon!


    • Lynn, Thank you.
      With regard to Chance McCall, the publisher still has the rights to that, so I have no control over when or if it might be re-issued. I’m really glad you liked it though. It was my first single title romance.
      thanks for stopping in.


  6. Absolutely love the new website, Sharon. It is strange that although I have absolutely no physical bloodline connection to Native American lines (being English myself -my mother English and my father was Polish, with Irish genes on my mother’s side), but find I can’t help myself being constantly drawn towards the Native American Indian culture and wisdom. Why…I have no idea, but the pull is strong!

    • Diane, really glad you are enjoying the new website. I just love it. As for the pull of Native American culture, maybe a past life? I do think many people are drawn to it for a variety of reasons. They have such a deep respect for all things connected to the earth, both ecologically and all things living, so for people with the same interests and concerns, it’s easy to understand why you would be drawn to their beliefs and way of life.


  7. Please ask Harlequin and “romanceauthorspage” (and HarperCollinsPublishers) to update your author info – they still have the old “” link, which sent me to “”, who offered to sell me the domain name. Google finally pointed me here – thrilled to know that you’re still with us!

    • Annie, I appreciate the information, and have given them the information twice now. As for the old domain name still up on Google, they are ignoring every attempt I’ve made to have it taken down. It’s an unimportant issue for them, I guess. And the reason I have a new website under a .net name is because the other names, at the time, were already sold. LOL It is what it is and out of my control.

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