Welcome all who come knocking at this door. It is the home away from home for Sharon Sala aka Dinah McCall.  If you’re here for a long visit, pull up a chair and have a seat.

There are different links to click on to get answers to the most obvious of questions, such as book lists and upcoming releases, but if you have specific questions and Sharon and Dinah are not at home, you can always leave a message and one or the other will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re here for just a quick hello, the offer is still the same.  There’s always iced tea in the fridge and Diet Dr. Pepper on ice.  If you smell something good cooking, I can promise you it is Sharon, making one of her favorite sweets.

If you hear Native American music playing somewhere in the house, then that’s probably Dinah.  Her heart is with The People.

So kick off your shoes and put your feet up.  Grab a book while you’re at it to kill some time until they get back.  If you can’t stay, then don’t forget to leave that message.  They’ll be sorry they missed you.