The Hen House

Publisher: Sharon Sala Books
Publication date: 3/18/2012

The men dismounted and began unloading the shipment as Eulis started toward the cabin. But when he saw Letty leading her horse out of the shed behind the house, and that she was packing his gun, he knew she was up to something.

His eyes narrowed a warning as he watched her mount up, but she ignored it and him. It took the men a little longer to realize something was afoot. They were talking and jesting among themselves as they moved about the area, then one by one, they noticed the Missus was mounted and armed. The sight was enough to set the hair on the backs of their necks to rising. In their opinions, a woman with a loaded gun was more dangerous than a rabid dog, especially this woman.

When Letty had their full attention, she shifted the rfle from one arm to the other, and then laid it across her lap, making sure that they saw her hand was damn close to the trigger.

“Gentlemen…and I used that term lightly, it has come to my attention that some of you have been talking loosely about me and my husband. There is supposition flying about on the streets of Denver City that gold can be had from this mine if a man is smart enough to steal it.”

There was a collective gasp, then icy silence. They wouldn’t look at each other, nor would they look at Letty. Instead, they chose to study the footprints that they’d left about in the yard, as well as those leading into the mine.

“So, here’s the deal,” Letty said. “If any among you are thinking about just such a thing, then I’m giving you fair warning. Leave now and it will not be held against you. Stay, do your worst, and you will suffer the consequences.”

A squirrel suddenly scolded from a stand of trees a few feet away, as if debating the truth of what she’d just said, but she ignored it, just as she was ignoring the frowns on the men’s faces.

“Hear me now. I swear to you, in front of God and the man who is my husband, that if any one of you steals so much as a nugget, or tries to harm a hair on his head, I will shoot you dead, nail your balls to a tree, and scatter what’s left of you to the wolves.”

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