ISBN-13: 9781551668444
Publisher: Mira
Publication date: 11/1/2001

A killer’s hunger rages…. A woman waits in fear…. A cop races to stop the unthinkable….

It’s December in Manhattan. Falling snow blankets the city–and covers the body of a murdered woman that bears a special message from a twisted killer.

High in her elegant apartment, bestselling mystery author Caitlin Bennett shivers in fear, holding the latest in a string of notes from a deranged “fan.” No longer able to endure the growing terror alone, Caitlin agrees to hire ex-cop Connor “Mac” McKee as a bodyguard.

With Mac’s protection, Caitlin begins to feel safe again. But when two more victims are discovered, each bearing a remarkable resemblance to Caitlin, they realize that she’s the target. And that a deranged killer is now coming to claim his final victim….


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Whether she’s writing as Sharon Sala or Dinah McCall, this author invariably delivers emotionally compelling stories.Snowfall is a powerfully dramatic romantic suspense story about the search for a serial killer. As snow falls on Manhattan, it blankets the city in its purity, covering the body of a young woman who was killed for no other reason than her chance resemblance to bestselling mystery writer Caitlin Bennett. Caitlin herself is chilled by the fact that the police have dismissed her concerns about the hate mail an unknown “fan” has been sending her, discounted the bomb threat her publisher has received, and decided that her recent fall into the path of a truck was an unrelated accident. Her editor, Aaron, is alarmed enough by these “coincidences” to ask his stepbrother, ex-cop Connor “Mac” McKee, to become Caitlin’s bodyguard. Mac agrees, outraged by the fact that anyone’s been treated as Caitlin has been, despite the fact that the last time they met (after Aaron set them up for a date) it was loathing at first sight. This time, everything is different. With Mac practically glued to Caitlin’s side, they set out to discover who is behind this deadly scheme — and why. The trouble is, the killer could be anyone, and death is coming closer every day.

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