Ryder’s Wife

ISBN-13: 9781459272552
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 7/15/2011

The Justice Way

A temporary husband…


Beautiful heiress Casey Ruban needed a husband—fast. So she raced into the nearest honky-tonk and made her offer—full of marital privileges in exchange for a wedding ring. It was an offer one man couldn’t refuse.


Once, Ryder Justice had everything. Now all he had was nothing to lose. But when the brooding ex-pilot agreed to marry the desperate woman in front of him, just for a year, he soon realized that not only did he have something to lose, he’d already lost it. His heart—and his soul—belonged to his wife.

The Justice Way. Brothers Ryder, Roman and Royal—they would do anything for each other…and for the women they loved!

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