The facts are public knowledge: five people have been murdered. Each has died from a blow to the head. And the media-dubbed Prince Charming killer has left a “calling card” with each victim. A single thornless rose.

But there’s another fact…one that the police haven’t made public. Something no one, except the killer and the police, should know. But Gabriel Donner does–and he can’t figure out why. All he knows is that he’s begun hearing voices, sleepwalking and dreaming vividly of the murders…as they happen.

He can’t go to the police, but there is someone who can help him. Laura Dane, a psychic who’s worked on cases like his before, is the only person he can trust with his terrible truths. But as her suspicion about Gabriel’s innocence grows, so does the evidence that points to his guilt. Because Gabriel knows more than any innocent man should.


Publishers Weekly –¬†Publisher’s Weekly

Sala’s latest (after Sweet Baby) is as predictable as a cookie-cutter romantic thriller can be. Gabriel Donner wakes up from a coma hearing voices and haunted by terrifying visions of himself as a serial killer. He realizes that he cannot account for his whereabouts during the time certain murders are committed–nor for the blood stains on his clothes. Moreover, he knows every vivid detail of the murders, including the killer’s habit of leaving a thornless rose as his calling card. Fearing for his sanity, Gabriel accepts the help of famed psychic Laura Dane, who has visions herself (most of which involve having sex with Gabriel). Most readers will figure out the ending by the middle of the book; and Sala’s prose is as cliched as her plotting. (Feb.)

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