Going to the Chapel

ISBN-13: 9780373484645
Publisher: Silhouette
Publication date: 7/28/2002

Three brand-new stories about getting that special man to the altar!

USA Today bestselling author
Sharon Sala

It Happened One Night that Georgia society belle Harley June Beaumont went to Vegas — and woke up married! How could she explain her hunk of a husband, Sam Clay, to her family back home when she could barely explain to herself why this sexy stranger made her heart beat so madly?

Award-winning author
Dixie Browning

Marrying a Millionaire was exactly what Grace McCall was trying to keep her baby sister from doing. Not that Grace had anything against the groom — it was the groom’s arrogant uncle Chandler Daye who got Grace all hot and bothered. Hmm . . . maybe Grace just needed to make this millionaire her own!

National bestselling author
Stella Bagwell

The Bride’s Big Adventure was escaping her handpicked fiancé in the arms of a hot-blooded cowboy! And from the moment Gloria Rhodes said “I do” to rugged Spencer Tate, she dreamed their wedded bliss would never end!

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