Dark Water

The water is dark and cold….

Two decades ago, Sarah Jane Whitman’s father disappeared with an embezzled fortune from his local bank, an act of betrayal that subjected his wife and daughter to a vicious scandal. Now a body has been pulled from its watery tomb, a body that is identified as Frank Whitman’s. This grim discovery proves Sarah’s father was innocent…and that the real thief got away with murder.

Now Sarah’s obsession with uncovering the truth is making some people in Marmet, Maine, very nervous. Suddenly the prosperous citizens of this community are under intense scrutiny–including Tony DeMarco, who grew up with Sarah. But is the concern Tony shows for Sarah’s safety genuine or is he hiding something dangerous? And can she trust him with her future as a desperate killer tries to shut the door forever on the past…?


Publishers Weekly

A number of suspenseful scenes liven up a formulaic story line in the latest romantic intrigue from Sala (Snowfall; White Mountain). The novel opens with the discovery of Frank Whitman’s corpse, which has lain in a lake for some 20 years since he allegedly stole a million dollars from the bank he headed. Upon learning that her long-reviled father may have been an innocent victim, Sarah Whitman returns to Maine to ensure his killer is brought to justice and to face down the townspeople who turned against her and her mother so long ago. There she meets and teams up with her childhood crush, Tony DeMarco, who has come to town out of loyalty to Sarah and her father, his onetime mentor. An attempt on Sarah’s life fails to dissuade her, but when a key piece of evidence falls into her hands, the attacks intensify. Sala keeps the tension high and the pace hopping. Although the dialogue is sometimes flat-footed (“He’s running scared, Ron. He’ll make a mistake, and when he does, we’ll get him”), and the characters have an annoying habit of reiterating what has already happened, readers will likely be turning the pages too quickly to notice. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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